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Organic SPF 30 Sun Cover


UPF 45+ attachable Sun Cover, lightweight sun protection for babies & infants. NEW bell shape for extra coverage!

The Skin Cancer Association states, “just one blistering sunburn in childhood more than doubles your chances of developing melanoma later in life”. They recommend that babies 6 months & under avoid using chemical sun block and recommend ‘blocking’ the sun from babies skin, making UPF protective clothing and covers an excellent option.


The Sun Cover now offers even more protection! Tie this UPF 45+ lightweight cover on your babies stroller, infant carrier, or infant car seat and provide all day sun protection. New bell shaped allows for even wider coverage, and two sets of ties secures the top and bottom so it stays put. This is sun protection that will not wash out or wash off, keeping baby comfortable by blocking harmful UV rays without adding warmth.


Also perfect for quick & easy protection for running errands or during short trips outdoors when we often don't use sunblock.


Organic Sun Cover in Blue, UPF 30+ for Baby Organic Sun Cover in Pink, UPF 30+ protection for Baby Organic Sun Cover in Chocolate, UPF 30+ for Baby Organic Sun Cover in Orange, UPF 30+ for Babies
cloud pink
Sun Orange
edging turquoise

All Sun Covers are a 6 ounce single layer of white fabric with a choice of five edging colors. The perfect sun protection for babies during the hot weather.


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* WooHoo! Tests shows the Sun Cover protects at UPF 45+!

PRICE: $30


Size : Bell shaped, length 33" width 22" top/33" bottom

weighs 6 ounces
100% cotton
machine wash cold, line dry.